Residential Property Management Services

Property management is a natural out-growth of and complements Signature Realty & Management’s other real estate activities.

This Department has as its basic philosophy, the goal to recognize, create and maintain real estate investment value.

The Signature Realty and Management, Inc., Property Management Division is an example of sound management practices in action. By adhering to basic business procedures and utilizing cost accounting, our property management team provides a high level of personal service in a strict professional manner. Our purpose is to consistently administer clear cut and concise policies that represent and protect the needs of our clients in the greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas.

Through dealing with various businesses and professional service organizations, we have developed a list of excellent vendors who can be depended on to provide quality work in a timely manner. Utilizing current computer equipment and software, we can produce accurate reporting for the clients that we represent.

In order to maintain the most current research and reference materials available, Signature Realty and Management agents have memberships with the local and national Chapters of IREM (National Property Management Organization), The National, State and Local Association of REALTORS and are active members on the property management council of the Board of Realtors.

Consider the Following Services Provided by Signature Realty & Management:

  • There are no fees UNTIL we find a tenant for you
  • We will perform a rental market analysis of your property
  • We have the ability to list your property for rent or sale (no charge for service not used)
  • We advertise on 20 plus internet sites at no charge to owner (list available)
  • We co-op with other property managers in Jacksonville
  • We are listed in the top section under management in BellSouth (internet)
  • Your rental listing will be placed in the MLS System (multiple listing service)
  • We will put a sign and lock box on your property (if allowed)
  • We will make flyers of your property and distribute as necessary
  • We will promote your property to the local military bases as needed
  • We will post your rental listing on our web site
  • We have very competitive management and rental sales
  • We do thorough move-in inspections
  • We do six month home maintenance inspections
  • We take digital pictures of property prior to tenant move in as necessary
  • The owner makes final decision on tenant approval
  • Owner has multiple options for how repairs handled (theirs/ours/warranty service)
  • We have large master vendor list for necessary repairs
  • The owner is called/e-mailed with repairs above maintenance buffer (unless emergency)
  • We have 24 hours emergency pager services
  • Our accounting department is local and well-staffed
  • Owner funds are mailed between 10-12 each month (not late in month like competitors)
  • You receive monthly financial statements with monthly and year-to-date totals by category
  • Our lease has been reviewed and approved by legal council
  • We have access to free legal hotline for some general real estate questions
  • We will assist with insurance claims as necessary
  • We will assist with concerns with tenant/property with homeowners/condo associations
  • We are a locally run and owned company
  • We have decades of combined experience in the property management business
  • We have a large number of licensed property managers
  • We have multiple office locations
  • We have been in business since 1995.
  • We've been rated in the Top 10 management companies by the Jacksonville Business Journal
  • Members of multiple professional organizations

 Scope of Services


Includes: Working with the owner to outline a financial & physical management plan for the property

  • Maintenance planning as necessary
  • Operating income & budgeting as necessary

Includes: Local media and internet advertising, Broker co-op & Multiple Listing Services, tenant qualifying and lease preparation, sign \ lock box \ referral and networking exposure, telephone Yellow Pages, including internet telephone listings, and direct promotion to military bases and other market elements – and this is just a small sampling.

Includes: Thorough tenant move-in/move-out inspections with photographs, semi-annual home maintenance inspections, spot inspections as necessary.

Includes: 24-hour tenant contact for emergency repair, preventive maintenance as necessary, monitoring warranty follow-up as required, capital improvements by special request

Includes: Rental collection procedures, lease adherence, legal counsel available as necessary.

Includes: Monthly accounting statements, year-end statement recaps & break- downs, 1099 preparation for owners' tax purposes

Includes: Management team that has decades of property management experience including credentials and memberships in a variety of professional organizations. Our mission is to strive to offer the most comprehensive cost efficient management packages to maximize your revenues and investments.

We also offer customized Property Management Solutions for our commercial clients: we will customize a management package that takes into account the size, complexities, cash flow, leasehold requirements and long term objectives as desired.

Whether you are in the market for a Residential or Commercial Property Management specialist, Signature Realty & Management wants to take this opportunity to invite you to contact us today for a no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your specific needs, the solution it requires and how this will work within your budget.


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