Owner Loyalty Program

Back on February 26th of 2015, we sent out an edition of our Signature Realty & Management Owner's eNewsletter. In it, we reminded all of our owners that as a token of our appreciation for your continued patronage as a client, you can save money on your monthly management fees by providing us with referrals for other property owners who are looking for full-service residential property management services.

If you provide us with the name and contact information for other property owners who decide to sign up for our full residential property management services within 45 days of submitting this form, we'll waive 1 month of your residential property management fees on 1 of your properties. This means that if you provide us with one referral who signs on, we'll waive the management fee for one of your properties - NOT all of them. However, there is no limit to the number of months that we'll waive for referrals who sign up for full management services. If you bring in 40 referrals who sign up, that's 40 months of waived management fees on your property.

If you have more than one property in your portfolio, the lowest management fee is the one that will be waived. For instance, if you have two properties and Property A has a monthly management fee of $110.00 and Property B has a monthly management fee of $200.00, we will waive the fee for Property A, NOT Property B.

To take advantage of your Owner Loyalty Program Bonuses, you must originate your referrals through this form in addition to any contact you might have directly with your property manager. This will ensure that you are given full credit for the referral instead of running the risk that your referral will contact us without mentioning that you made the recommendation, rendering your bonus null and void.
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